Pockets of violence resurrect in Nsanje South


Political violence has started taking a centre stage in Nsanje South Constituency as unknown people have smashed a vehicle belonging to an independent candidate Lamuzani Juma Mahommed on Saturday.

The violence comes barely two weeks after the Civil Society Network of Nsanje asked for more sensitisation campaigns on violence as it was witnessed on how people responded to recent fracas against police in the district.

In an interview, police spokesperson for Nsanje Station, Agnes Zalakoma confirmed the development and said they are consulting stakeholders on how to deal with matter.

“On Saturday we received complaints that a car belonging to independent aspirant, Lamozani Mahommed had been smashed, and that the rear glass has been damaged, however the issues come from political misunderstandings that can better be tackled if parties involved come to a round table,” said Zalakoma.

District Commissioner for the district Reinghard Chavula in an interview on Tuesday at her office said she has received the reports and has called for meeting to meet chiefs from the area, constituency and district governors, police, Malawi Electoral Commission and involved parties to sort out the mess.

“It is unfortunate that some people are resorting to violence instead of campaigning peacefully, we have already talked to the concerned parties and we have called for a meeting to make sure that we bring them to a dialogue,” said Chavula.

She added: “During the meeting we will remind the concerned parties of a code of conduct they swore by and cautioning them that it should never happen again.”

The DC has since warned political parties, independents and party followers to desist from engaging in political violence as it taints the image of free, fair, peaceful and credible elections.

Violent acts were also experienced in the constituency during primary elections for Democratic Progressive Party and Malawi Congress Party respectively.