Meeting reveals lurking danger


A stakeholders meeting has revealed that there are clear warnings that there might be cases of political violence in Nsanje South constituency during the campaign period.

The revelations were made in an impromptu meeting that Nsanje District  Commissioner, Reinghard Chavula convened in the morning of Tuesday in an attempt to address cases of violence that, according to the residents of Nsanje South, have reached an alarming rate.

“We have not yet reached campaign period, however what is happening in Nsanje South is something you cannot imagine, they insult us, calling us all names you can imagine and if this is not checked, we will bloodshed.

“My worry is, these are just elections, they come and they go, why can’t we live as one,” bemoaned Gloria Ntopi an independent aspirant.

In her speech, Nsanje District Commissioner Reinghard Chavula told the house that solutions to the problems in the area remain in the hands of the people in the area because they know each other better and it will be easy for people themselves to solve the problems.

“We need to recognise informal leaders who are powerful and are followed by masses because such people have influence, are followed by many and their voice is powerful,” said Chavula.

She said usually, people fail to think of the consequences that come as a result of violence and sometimes the effects are detrimental and cause both physical and psychological trauma especially to children who are Innocent of the political turmoil.

“We will take the code of conduct seriously and will apply it when shadow MPs go against the code,  I thank you for showing interest to be part of this meeting, for me it means you are committed to end violence and I ask you to put into practice whatever solutions and recommendations we have agreed,” she said.

The police in the district have promised to be apolitical and professional as possible and have warned perpetrators of violence that measures will be taken to see to it that such are brought to book without favour.

Looking at the way forward, the house suggested that a forum should be created where issues of reconciliation should be tackled like to ask shadow MPs and their followers to convene and all of them talk of peaceful co-existence and reconciliation.

On the other hand, poor handling of primary elections was also cited as the major cause for the various violent incidents in the area.

For example, during primary elections DPP failed to produce a candidate from their two-time elections and now the area has three DPP aspiring candidates including the current Kamangira who is the ruling party’s torch bearer.

In MCP, primaries were conducted three times where Maxon Kadalinga and Bester Hassan Chiungano were competing. The first time Kadalinga won elections, but were dismissed by Chiungano saying the elections were not attended by majority.

In the second primary elections, Chiungano carried the day but on the day of nominations, Kadalinga and Chiungano clashed as all were ready to present their papers.

Another third primary elections were conducted and Chiungano carried the day but MCP authorities favoured Kadalinga to go ahead and present his papers.

The development forced Chiungano to present his papers under People’s Party. The parties have since been criticized by their followers saying the trend is undemocratic and an incubator for chaos in the area.