Election monitors urged to be vigilant

Monitors in the May 21, 2019 tripartite elections, have been urged to be well-versed with elections and vigilant to ensure credible elections.

The plea was made by the Church and Society of Blantyre Synod, as electoral stakeholders are submitting names of their Monitors to the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

Thombozi made the plea

The Society observed that during the past elections, some monitors showed laxity in their job, leading to poor observation of voting and other related events.

In an interview after submitting names of its Monitors, Coordinator of Chiradzulu Presbytery for Church and Society, Frank Thombozi, emphasized on the need for Monitors to have sober minds on polling day.

“You know polling day is the climax of the election process, so it is important for Monitors to be on their best behaviour and be alert always, to capture all the events happening in the polling centres,” he said.

Thombozi added that failure to capture such events leads to unnecessary misunderstandings during vote counting.

Other than this, he urged all electoral stakeholders to nominate only those Monitors who are well-versed with the electoral process, to ensure transparency and accountability.

Meanwhile, the Society has nominated 22 Monitors that will man 22 polling centres of the total 85 in the district.