Bullets replaced in Airtel Top 8 Cup

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has named a team that will replace Nyasa Big Bullets in the Airtel Top 8 competition this season.

This follows Bullets’s failure to appeal to the FA’s disciplinary committee after the initial ban from the competition was rescinded by the association’s executive committee.

According to reports, Bullets deliberately decided not to make a fresh appeal after failing to convince FAM to release K7.5 million which the club paid after being found guilty of misconduct during the final against Blue Eagles last year.

The decision by the FA forced Bullets, through the Board of Directors to accept a one year ban from the competition.

“It’s true, Nyasa Big Bullets won’t be part of this year’s competition following their decision not to appeal the charges brought forward by the FA’s disciplinary committee despite giving them an opportunity to do so.

“As a result, TN Stars, who finished 9th in the TNM Super League, will play in this year’s competition and this is a final decision made by the association since Bullets decided not to appeal,” he was quoted in the local media.

This will be the first time in years for the people’s team to miss out on a competition.

It has been reported that the FA tried convince the Blantyre giants to appeal but the club demanded the said amount as a condition of making a fresh appeal, a move which was turned down by the country’s soccer governing body.

One comment on “Bullets replaced in Airtel Top 8 Cup

  1. That’s running football unprofessional .
    FAM is a disgrace.
    Kuchita kupempha kuti apange appeal?
    That can not happen in Europe.
    In Europe, big teams like juventus can be sent to division lower division when found guilty.
    Palibe zakuti ndi team yayikulu.
    Rules apply to all teams.

    No wonder flames is a punch bag now.
    Poor admin

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