Sex scandal rocks Bushiri: ECG sex orgies victims speak out


…Victims describe ECG as ‘one big bedroom’ and demand Major One to repent

For what we know, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is not yet done being in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Several women in South Africa have come forward with evidence implicating Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and other Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) church leaders in what can be described as the biggest sex scandal to rock the Malawian born televangelist.

The women, who have since approached #NotInMyNameSA to deal with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and other senior leaders at ECG, are describing the church as “one big bedroom” for sexual orgies.

“The movement has been approached by former and current congregants who confidentially narrated their sexual harassment and abuse ordeals” Themba Masango, the organisation’s secretary, has been quoted as saying by the Daily Sun of South Africa.

Bushiri with Phumzile

“We have their statements and testimonies of how luxurious Gauteng hotels were centres for sexual encounters and sickening orgies” added Masango.

The #NotInMyNameSA movement, while calling into account Prophet Bushiri for the sexual orgies, have demanded the self-acclaimed prophet to repent.

“Bushiri must do the right thing”

The organisation is also urging other women who have gone through the same traumatic experience to speak out. “#NotInMyNameSA will fight for your justice.”

But Ephraim Nyondo, Communications Director for the Enlightened Christian Gathering, said the church was not aware of the accusations forged against Prophet Bushiri and other ECG leaders and said he could not comment based on hearsay.

Bushiri entered 2019 on a bumpy ride. His nightmares begun when a stampede at his church killed 3 women and injured several others on 28 December last year. The mayoral office claimed ECG had flouted fire and safety compliance procedures.

After the accident, the church removed the dead bodies and failed to inform the police of what had transpired. The South African Police Service opened a case of defeating the ends of justice against ECG whereas protests were held for ECG to shutdown its doors in South Africa.

Thereafter, stories emerged that the controversial prophet was in an affair with a 25 year old female member of his church, Phumzile Paledi. He slammed the stories as fake news based on photoshopped images.

Major One, as he is fondly called by his followers, was then arrested together with his wife for alleged fraud and money laundering. The are out on bail waiting court hearing slated for May 10.

The Hawks (South Africa’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation – DPCI) have also confiscated Prophet Bushiri’s private jet saying he lied on oath to investigators on how he had acquired the plane.



  1. If these are adults n none of these women were raped then ungena wena unless you wish u were invited.

  2. If I were Mr this man, better to go home my beloved country malawi than to rot in jail like another Nigerian fake prophet omotoso, I can see the fire is going to the bush this prophet will remain with nothing at the end of the day.

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