Muluzi family greed

Atupele Muluzi, Peter Mutharika

… DPP pays K5 billion to Muluzi family, Atupele to withdraw presidential bid

The Bakili Muluzi family is smiling all the way to the bank after the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government finally agreed to pay it a whooping K5 billion in exchange for the withdrawal of Atupele Muluzi’s presidential bid.

We can exclusively reveal that an agreement has also been agreed that former President Bakili Muluzi will not be prosecuted in his K1.7 billion corruption case.

“The Muluzi family thought that they were going to get back into power through the back door but now they have decided to cut their losses and cash in on this one,” said our impeccable source close to the deal.

“The Muluzi family will be paid K5 billion and Atupele will withdraw his presidential bid and endorse the DPP candidature.”

“Again Atupele will be maintained in cabinet and will be appointed Second Vice President. This is why he is still in cabinet even after presenting his nomination papers to challenge President Peter Mutharika in the May elections. So don’t be surprised that Atupele is still in cabinet this is a well calculated move,” said the source.

He said the deal was reached after First Lady Gertrude Mutharika and Mutharika’s powerful Security aide Norman Paulos Chisale approved it after noticing the uphill battle the DPP will have to win the election.

“DPP gurus including First Lady and Chisale are now aware that their choice of running mate in Everton Chimulirenji is weak and will lose them the elections and that is why they have turned to UDF for a deal.

Atupele and UDF know that they cannot win the elections on their own hence the deal makes sense to them,” said the source.

Another source at State House confirmed the deal and said the next few days will be interesting.

“Have you wondered why Atupele is still a cabinet minister after openly challenging Mutharika at the polls? If you really know DPP, this is not their style and the next few days will be interesting, ” he said.



  1. K5 b is alarge sum of money, who founded them, isn’t it government money. Why spending it just with the interest of winning election while millions of people are suffering

  2. The mechanisation of people is not God’s … is futile to think that you can force what He has planned

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