Opposition warned: Ignore Chimulirenji at your own peril


The opposition in Malawi has been warned against underrating President Peter Mutharika’s runningmate Everton Chimulirenji.

It was revealed this week that the Democratic Progressive Party runningmate can barely read and speak English fluently, a prerequisite of one to perform well especially in the high office of the Vice President.

Mutharika Chimulirenji

In a post that has been shared widely on social media, Debora Nyangulu argued that the opposition will do well to focus on Chimulirenji’s strength rather than his English language deficiency.

According to Nyangulu, her research has shown that Chimulirenji who is Member of Parliament for Ntcheu North East and Minister of Culture, Civic Education, Communication Development has ambitions to become president and Mutharika is grooming him.

“I think those who are serious about unseating DPP in May 2019 should take DPP’s running mate seriously and not focus on the somewhat trivial matter of his English conversing skills.

“I have concluded that APM has been grooming Chimulirenji for a while and that Chimulirenji himself probably has ambitions to be president one day although he’s now playing dumb,” she said.

According to Nyangulu, Mutharika’s runningmate seems command respect in his constituency and has also in the past emerged as a leader among fellow legislators.

When he announced Chimulirenji, 56, as his runningmate during presentation of nomination papers last week, President Mutharika, 78, described the minister as someone who is loyal, a man of integrity and a team player who would effectively help him run government for the next five years.

“He understands the difference between a vice-president and deputy president and that a vice-president is always delegated and the vice-president will never be a co-president,” Mutharika said.



  1. Kkkkkkkk Chimulirenji becoming president of Malawi one day??????

  2. I doubt very much that he has what it takes to be the president BUT history has taught us that not all presidents didnt deserve to be presidents but they ended up being presidents.

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