Men volunteers wanted to donate sperms for 5 thousand kwacha


The College of Medicine has put out a notice inviting men in Malawi to donate sperms for a study.

According to the notice shared on social media, volunteers will receive K5000 per donation.

The College of Medicine notice

It adds that the study is about Reproductive Physiology.

“Are you a male interested to take part in a Reproductive Physiology study?

“The College of Medicine Sperm Laboratory is looking for volunteers to donate semen samples which will be used in an experimental study.

“All participating volunteers shall be compensated at the rate of K5000 per donation,” says the notice.

Meanwhile, the college has urged interested men to contact the institution’s PhD fellow Mr Thompson Msiska on 0991614002 for more details.

Interested men can also contact Dr Fanuel Lampiano at [email protected].



  1. Sorry guys we might be desperate and poor, but K5000 for your sperm shame no come one guys

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