Bushiri in ‘Season of Troubles’

It is a Season of Troubles for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as the South African governnent confirms another investigation against the charismatic leader.
Just recently, the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) leader spent five days behind bars following his arrest for alleged fraud and money laundering.
His arrest also followed a fatal stampede at his church that claimed the lives of three women on 28 December last year.
Now, according to a report by the Daily Sun, the Home Affairs Department in South Africa has confirmed starting an investigations into Prophet Bushiri’s residency.

The Department’s spokesperson Siya Qoza told the publication that the investigation into his residency is a routine exercise to establish his immigration status.

“Yes, we are investigating. We want to ascertain compliance with the Immigration Act and our actions support the work of law enforcement agencies,” said Qoza

Bushiri and his wife Mary are both on a K5.3 million bail each. They were granted bail after hiring one of Africa’s most expensive criminal attorneys, Barry Roux.



  1. Hi… We applaud the law agencies for doing their work in this country which will expose any corruption or graft by any officials carrying out their responsibilities. All I need to say is all immigrants must be verified and not only eminent foreign personae. So Prophet Bushiri… Pastor Timothy Omotoso, Angel Bazuuka and So called Nana must also be verified as legal immigrants and for carrying on business in this country. Church activities are also defined as business activities and the one proviso in the work permit is that the esteemed immigrant should possess a scarce skill that will be imparted to us in this country. So on what I stated above… Prophesying would be defined as a scare skill and alleviation of poverty.
    Thank you Reader and stay blessed…

  2. The story of stampede is not an issue because mostly in south africa when people gather stampedes are likely to happen triggered by Certain unpredictable forces.But the issue of money laundering is different and what I can say is that Bushiri is aman of god and he knows what it means to be true.Therefore I can not say it is true or false only god knows the truth about this situation, but let us not forget that anything that is not in truth is not of GOD.

  3. Why all foreign pastors come to SA claiming that they are here to proclaim the word of God,as if SA is anti Christian country?Why is it always South Africans who dies tragically in these foreign pastors church?Why South Africans blood is always used for the rituals.

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