Mulhakho, Chiefs angry with First Lady and Chisale


Mulhakho wa a Lhomwe members and some chiefs from the southern region held an impromptu meeting Friday night where they expressed their anger on First Lady Gertrude Mutharika and President Peter Mutharika’s Security aide Norman Paulos Chisale accusing them of misleading the President.

The meeting was called by Leston Mulli in Blantyre soon after Mutharika named little known Everton Chimulirenji as his runningmate. Chimulirenji hails from Ntcheu district.

Mutharika and Chimulirenji

Many people especially from the Lhomwe belt had hope that Mutharika, a Lhomwe by tribe will take one of his own as a running mate.

Business magnate Leston Mulli is in record that the DPP belongs to the Lhomwe people.

With the appointment of Chimulirenji as Mutharika’s running mate and in the event that DPP wins the May watershed elections, Chimulirenji will be Vice President, the Lhomwe people believe they are losing grip of the party.

“People are very angry with the First Lady and Chisale because they believe that it is them who influenced Mutharika to pick Chimulirenji. Even the chiefs at the meeting wondered why Mutharika acted this way,” said a source who attended the meeting.

“They have agreed to send a delegation to meet Mutharika and demand answers for his action before deciding what to do next,” added the source.

Inside sources at State House said the Chimulirenji deal was done a few weeks ago after Mutharika rejected the name of Bright Msaka as his runningmate.

” It was after the Msaka issue that the First Lady and Chisale pushed for the name of Chimulirenji because he comes from Ntcheu and would protect them than other Mulhakho people. But they convinced Mutharika that Chimulirenji will counter the Saulos Chilima vote in Ntcheu and the boss was convinced,” said the source.

Chisale comes from Ntcheu and the First Lady comes from Balaka.

It is not known if Mutharika will grant the group an audience as it is Chisale and the First Lady who controls the diary of the President.

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  1. Oh!
    Now there is a sense of tribal government not the citizens of the country, right?
    No wonder why some even if are corrupted still under armpit of the national leader.

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