Another Kamuzu Banda’s ‘son’ returns


Dust is refusing to settle over the late president Hastings Kamuzu Banda’s family with the emergence of another man claiming to be son to the fallen leader.

This comes just a few days after the death of one Juman Johnson who had also taken the nation by storm a decade ago with claims he was son to Banda to an unnamed mother.

Kamuzu Banda
Daniel Banda who claims to be Kamuzu’s son

While the social media was awash with reports that accusations are being leveled against unknown family members of being ‘behind’ the death of Juman, fresh images of ‘another son’ have emerged.

Images of the said son have since gone viral.

He has what appears to be similar paleness as that of Juman, donning similar haircut and height.

The Kamuzu family has over the years denied that Malawi’s first president had children.

Kamuzu’s family life has been an unrevealed one. He had Mama Kadzamira as only but a wife, but it is indicated the two never had kids.

In a curculated clip, politician John Chisi is on record claiming Kamuzu Banda was promiscuous and loved sex.



  1. John Chisiru campaign or what, you hate the late Ngwazi just to please mathanyula. You forget that you work at college of medicine built by the same Ngwazi you hate. Stupid man

  2. Kamuzu banda nayensotu anali okonda chigololo kobasi mkona amakonda kuvina ndi amayi basi.

  3. Just do the DNA test,if he lies put him in court to answer the questions that’s it.

  4. Do the right thing,just follow the right procedure and process please do not kill those people please ! Please! Just do DNA tests and reveal the truth.Because maybe it might be true and you are busy killing them.

  5. So elusive, like a snake. Nobody will ever know who he really was. Now all those coming the same way he did, why question the authenticity of their story. Remember like father like son so goes the saying. They are his SONS period

  6. These allegations should be test. Kamuzu belonged to Malawians not to his family alone. Malawians must know the true about their leader, don’t everything sweep under the carpet. Nowadays there is DNA, Cleve on talking are those old days. Government must stand up

  7. Uyunso angofuna pofela basi. If the family is saying no why trying to push on as if is the end of the world? Did that idiot dictator kamuzu leave any money for you before he died? That is when you really know that kamuzu was an idiot trying to be a gentleman. And as far as this kasungu family is still enjoying the leftovers they cant allow any to join them until they finish all those stollen monies. And also all these so called sons supposed to come out when he was alive soon after being deposed from power,why now when the idiot is no more?

  8. A John Chisi Mutenga nazo tsoka izi. Why say silly things about Kamuzu. Bring the evidence about what you are saying

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