Malawi24’s Up close: Meet Scrafoc


In Up close this week, our reporter Lyonike Mughogho talks to South African based gospel artist Scrafoc.

Lyonike: Who is Scrafoc?


Scrafoc: I am one of the most motivated, dedicated and focused international young African artists, a Malawian born Christian rapper, singer and composer based in SA. A first born in family of four boys from the family of Mr & Mrs George Chilonga from Lilongwe. A graduate with a Bachelor of commerce in Marketing and Business Management, am also an entrepreneur and public speaker.

Lyonike: When did you leave Malawi and did you go to SA in search for greener pastures in music?

Scrafoc: I left Malawi in 2013 after finishing my studies at the University of Malawi, the Polytechnic. I went to SA to continue with my studies and also to join my family that had moved to SA. And music being a passion which I developed since 14, it was also an opportunity to search for greener pastures on how I could turn my music dreams into a reality.

Lyonike: How do you want connect with Malawians back home?

Scrafoc: I want to connect with people back home through my art. I believe through art I may be able to express more of myself and also be able to understand other people by learning things and be able to do more good music that speaks deep into people’s lives. In a nutshell, I use my talents, gifts, intelligence, energy, craft and art to connect with the world.

Lyonike: How different is Scrafoc from the rest of artists?

Scrafoc: He is courageous to go beyond the normal definition of Christian music. His ability to do a diversity of music combining the African pop to international sounds with a touch of hip hop and rap always makes the sound unique. Scrafoc is here to bring a vibe to the Gospel music ministry and also not forgetting his very energetic stage performances.

Lyonike: Any international collaborations you can boast about?

Scrafoc: As of now I have not done any international collaboration with any artist but there are a number of such collaborations set for 2019.

Lyonike: 2018 is gone, any plans for 2019?

Scrafoc: Yes there are a lot of plans for 2019, one of them is to release my full album titled Emergency that I have been working on in 2018. The album will be available on all digital platforms. There will as well be a massive album launch show that will be followed by several international tours as planned. As I have already said, in 2019 there will be more collaborations with different artists, and more music videos. I am as well looking forward to partner with different non-profit organisations as one way of using my music to impact the youths in a good way and help the organisations achieve their goals.

Lyonike: Which Malawian artists inspire you?

Scrafoc: There are a number of artists who inspire me from Malawi. But I will mention one Lucius Banda. I get inspired by his consistence in the industry, it is worth honours. While outside Malawi I get inspired by artists such as Pastor Benjamin Dube from SA, a man who has been doing music for a very long time and how he is able raise other artists by giving them such big platforms. Another artist who inspires me is Tim Godfrey from Nigeria.

Lyonike: Since you moved to SA, how have you improved music wise?

Scrafoc: There has been so much improvement in me from my vocal range, to my rap skills, even my lyrics composition as well as stage performances.

Lyonike: Do you have a girlfriend, and what is your favourite food, hobbies?

Scrafoc: (laughs) Currently I do not have any girlfriend I’m still waiting and praying to the Lord for one. My favorite food is nsima and fish (chambo). Doing music is my hobby as well but if I’m not doing music then reading, I Iove reading books.

Lyonike: Which teams do you support both locally and internationally?

Scrafoc: Locally, I support Big Bullets and internationally my team is Liverpool.

Lyonike: If you had one wish in music what would it be?

Scrafoc: To be an executive music producer, composer and director of some of the world hit songs that can make it on the world charts such as Billboard 100.

Lyonike: Your last words?

Scrafoc: I am really grateful to all my fans who are supporting my music and to everybody who believes in me. I do promise them, there is more good music that I will share with them. The world can be in touch me with on Instagram @Scrafoc1 or my Facebook page which is Scrafoc.