DPP MP Lonzo loses primaries


Neno North  constituency delivered peaceful primary elections at Neno stadium on Monday where Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  legislator of the area Emmanuel Lonzo lost the elections to Thoko Tembo.

Tembo, son to the former Director of Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Dr. Benson Tembo, won the elections with a landslide to represent Neno North as DPP candidate in the May 21, 2019 tripartite elections.

DPP deputy regional governor for Central Region David Kambalame, who was the presiding officer, said Tembo polled 562 votes against Lonzo who got 267 while another contestant Steve Chagunda had 148 votes.

Just after Kambalame announced the results, Lonzo took the microphone and gave a concession speech Chagunda also did the same where he congratulated Thoko Tembo for securing a landslide victory in the elections and wished him well in the parliamentary polls next year.

Kambalame congratulated the delegates at the elections for peaceful elections that saw hundreds of them flock to vote despite unfriendly weather in most parts of the district.

He also thanked the contestants who ensured their supporters behaved in a democratic and mature manner.

“Let me admit that, we have conducted several primary elections since we started last month, but this one has turned to be the most orderly and perfect elections, I salute you people of Neno North and mostly I give thumbs up to the two gentlemen who have lost today and accepted the results willingly,” said Kambalame.

When asked if he is going to abide to DPP regulations of supporting the winning candidate, Lonzo said he will conduct consultations meetings with his advisors and other people before he make final decision on his next political move.

DPP district governor for Neno Elias Chiomba asked Lonzo to abide to his word by giving his support to Tembo so that they should not divide the party as they are going into elections in May 2019.

Lonzo joins a list of sitting Members of Parliament who have lost in DPP primary elections this week alone including Themba Mkandawire who lost to Chippie Mpinganjira in Blantyre City Central, Davie Dalirani who lost to Justice Chatika in Blantyre Bangwe, Victor White Mbewe who lost to Sameer Suleman and Peter Kumpalume who also lost in Blantyre Rural West.

Meanwhile, DPP primaries in Neno South constituency which were supposed to be held on the same day were called off to a later day due to disagreements over who should vote and accusations of bribery and cheating by some candidates.

In Neno South there are 6 candidates that are competing in DPP primaries including the incumbent Mary Maulidi Khembo, veteran Broadcaster Patrick Kamkwatira, councilor for Lisungwi Ward who want to switch from being a councilor to MP Patrick Mwale, Barry Kasamba, Chimwemwe Njoloma and Joe Mandowa.