I am ready to rule Malawi – Atupele Muluzi

Atupele Muluzi

With only five months to go to May 2019 tripartite elections, opposition United Democratic Front-UDF says is ready to form next government in 2019.

Speaking at a rally held at Chigumula ground in Nkhotokota on Sunday,UDF president Atupele Muluzi urged people to rally behind the party and vote for it so that it addresses various problems facing malawians at the moment.

Muluzi said people in the country need not to be mislead that UDF is over, but rather his silence was a calculative move to study the playing ground and see how best the party can bring itself to victory come May 2019.

“In 2014 I was the youngest presidential candidate and most people looked down upon me, but am older now and I  know what is needed to transform people’s lives in the country”.

The UDF leader further said his working with DPP government is a clear sign of maturity as despite being in different parties, leaders can work together for the betterment of the country.

On allegations that the party is partnering with other parties, both UDF leader and the party secretary general Kandi Padambo dismissed the claims.

“We are going indepedent as UDF alone and we are not in any plans to go into coalition with any party”, Padambo said.

Recently a Chancellor College survey hinted that if opposition parties can form an alliance, they can easily defeat the rulling  Democratic Progressive Party-DPP in the forthcoming elections.

4 thoughts on “I am ready to rule Malawi – Atupele Muluzi

  1. I agreed with you this people that talk too much like this new kid in a school I dont trust them they will fight themselves and cause chores in our country result to be economy collapse

  2. Good for you and keep on being ready but you don’t have the qualities and charisma for leadership just greedy and hungry for power

  3. If there is one person who destroyed the economy of Malawi is Bakili muluzi who did not know anything about governing the country,now the country is suffering from his
    Ignorance of how to govern the country.He lied to Malawians that Kamuzu Banda stole all the money from the government after he saw that the Malawi currency is useless.If Bingu took over that time this currency could have not been like this.
    What I want to say is that please! Please! Malawians don’t put another hyena as president,those who talk too much can not run the country.We need president who can fight for good economic policies and good governance which will make Malawi go above poverty line.Atupele is the same as Bakili he want to steal money and go.
    Don’t choose ignorant people who cannot govern the country.

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