Malawian truck drivers being tortured in Mozambique – Kalindo


Member of Parliament for Mulanje South Bon Kalindo says Malawian truck drivers are still facing hurdles when passing through Mozambique.

Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, Kalindo said that Malawian truck drivers are tortured by Mozambican police officers without committing any crime and some are forced to spend over two days at the Malawi-Mozambique border.

“This is very painful and touching. Our fellow Malawians are being tortured by our neighbouring countries more especially in Mozambique but when the same people come to our country they are treated nicely and are at liberty to do businesses,” he said.

Malawian truck drivers passing through Mozambique have faced attacks from robbers. In 2016, a militias attacked a Malawian truck and set it on fire. Drivers have also complained of being delayed at the border.

Kalindo also told the House that some Malawians working and living in South Africa are being ill-treated. The legislator asked government to work with various stakeholders in order to deal with the issues.


3 thoughts on “Malawian truck drivers being tortured in Mozambique – Kalindo

  1. Thank you Mr kalindo and you are not only a target. Every one who enter in Mozambique with a license plate of another country is a problem. They’re not police but they’re trouble

  2. Im a taxi driver,I just want to thank Mr Kalindo for talking about this issue of police in Mozambique,they don’t treat us very well,if you don’t give them money your in trouble

  3. Great work Mr kalindo those useless Mozambique police are really cruelly they do demand R50 imagine just like pipo are going into Mozambique whilst it’s passing by

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