DPP burns MCP flags


The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) burnt Malawi Congress Party (MCP) flags in Mangochi hours before the opposition party’s rally in the district.

The party, through its cadets who people say had the blessing of top party officials, removed MCP flags in the lakeshore district before setting them on fire.

DPP cadets burning the flags

A video circulating on social media shows the cadets using a vehicle to collect the removed flags before taking them to a place where they were burnt.

MCP secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka condemned the act calling it barbaric.

During the Mangochi rally on Sunday, MCP president Lazarus Chakwera also spoke against the removal of the flags saying he will not allow Malawians to live in fear because of the DPP.

Chakwera urged President Peter Mutharika who is also DPP leader to address the issue and ensure that those involved in the removal and burning of MCP flags are arrested and prosecuted.



  1. Peter wa muntharika he knows that 2019 is not gonna win the elections so is trying to scaring opposition parties

  2. Burning flags ! this is not necessary! I hope the Gurus in DPP will discipline the Cadets! This is totally unnecessary and futile! STOP BURNING EACH OTHERS FLAGS! it is savage and unproductive.

    as a Malawian I condemn this wasteful savage behavior even though it has been done by a party I respect very much. STOP it forthwith! Fight the election on your policies and manifesto!

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