Patrice Evra performs “oral sex” on a dead chicken: smacks, caresses, kisses dead chicken


Patrice Evra has been slammed for posting a bizarre video of himself appearing to seduce and perform oral sex on a dead chicken.

The video, posted on Instagram to celebrate Thanksgiving, provoked a huge reaction from people on social media, many of whom were disgusted and a little bit disturbed by his over-sensual performance on the raw poultry.

The defender performed the act to Kirko Bangz’s Slow Motion hit. He posted in on IG on Wednesday ahead of Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, the United States national holiday. The day is usually celebrated with turkey and chicken.

“I know it’s tomorrow but for mister #ilovethisgame it’s #thanksgivingeveryday.” Evra caption the video that has, of today, generated over 2 million views.

In the video, the footballer kisses the raw chicken before licking and suggestively sucking its leg. He then sprinkled some seasoning on it and smacked it while looking directly into the camera before taking a bite.

Evra’s ‘performance’ on the chicken shocked fans.

After being slammed, Evra posted an apology for going “too far”.

“Some people found it funny, some people found it weird, some people found it disgusting – we are all different, thank god…Yeah. OK, I went too far when I, when I sucked [suggestively suck his thumb] the toes of the chicken.” he posted.





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