Black Missionaries snub DPP

The Black Missionaries

Malawi`s award winning reggae outfit the Black Missionaries have denied reports that they will hit the stage at the ruling Democratic Progressive Party`s (DPP) event.

The advertised occasion indicates that the Chileka boys will perform at Kamuzu Upper Stadium alongside Dan Lu, and Thomas Chibade, on 25th November.

The Black Missionaries
Ma Blacks: will not be at a DPP show

In a statement released by the Blacks` manager Ras Ray Harawa, the group`s appearance at the said event has been vehemently denied.

According to their manager, the missionaries will be holding a memorial show for their ancestor Evison Matafale on the indicated date.

“We, the Black Missionaries Band would like to disassociate ourselves with the advert,” reads part of the statement.

The communiqué further reads: “We would be holding our annual Matafale Memorial Show in Chileka on the said date. This being the second time for a thing likes this to happen, we would like to ask those doing this to immediately stop.”

It is not yet clear if the DPP show is authentic or not but it is scheduled on the same day as a Malawi Congress Party rally in Blantyre.

The Black Missionaries are on record to have refused to perform at another DPP happening which was organised by businessman Leston Mulli in September. The event in question clashed with United Transformation Movement` (UTM) rally.



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