Traditional, religious leaders told to promote peaceful 2019 elections

Elections MEC

Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) has urged traditional and religious leaders to help ensure Karonga has free, non-violent campaign ahead of the 2019 polls.

The call was made on Tuesday during an interface meeting that EAM with financial assistance from the Norwegian Church Aid organized for traditional and religious leaders among others.

Elections MEC
Stakeholders working to ensure violent free elections

According to EAM Advocacy Coordinator Machona Phiri, traditional leaders and the clergy, by their standing in society, have a huge responsibility in ensuring that peace prevails in the communities.

He pleaded with the leaders to encourage their followers to avoid conflict and to conduct peaceful campaigns.

“Politicians are part of the communities and many of them actively seek the churches’ blessings and wise council for their political quests therefore traditional and religious leaders are well positioned to influence them towards conducting themselves with humility and decorum as it is necessary to ensure prevalence of peace during and after elections,” he said.

Phiri therefore called upon traditional and religious leaders to use their influence to encourage their church members to show commitment in rejecting electoral violence.

In his remarks, chairperson of Karonga Pastors Fraternal Bishop Benson Chikapa, expressed gratitude to EAM for reaching out to them and other stakeholders to bang heads on electoral issues to do with Karonga.

He pledged their support to promote peaceful coexistence among political parties and their followers.

“As religious leaders indeed we have a huge role to play in ensuring that peace prevails during elections. Our role is to provide biblical and spiritual guidance to our congregations therefore we are ready to offer support to ensure that as a country free and fair polls come next year,” explained the man of God.