Man stops construction of Gandhi Convention Centre


A concerned Malawian has obtained an injunction to stop the construction of the Mahatma Gandhi International Convention Centre in Blantyre.

The court order

The citizen Dan Mazango obtained the injunction – which lists Blantyre City Council and Attorney General as defendants – on Wednesday at the Lilongwe High Court.

Mazango argues that the land allocated for the convention centre was illegally taken without notice, compensation or following any legal procedures.

The court order granted by Judge Mwale bars the council from developing the land or interfering with Mazango’s peaceful occupation of the plot Number CC1063 at Chichiri in Blantyre until hearing of the matter is held.

BCC allocated the land to Government of India which plans to construct the Mahatma Gandhi International Convention Centre, with a grant financing of USD10 million.

Government of Malawi said the convention centre will allow it to create jobs and generate revenues for the much needed socio-economic development of the country.

However, as part of the project, the Indian government also wanted to erect a Gandhi statue at the Queen Elizabeth II Central Hospital Roundabout at Ginnery Corner.

This did not go well with some Malawians who argued that Gandhi was racist and did not do anything for the country.

A group called Gandhi Must Fall Movement managed to obtain an injunction against the erection of the statue and the Indian Government later abandoned the plans.


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  1. Gandhi is one of the oppressors we shouldn’t praise people that think black race come last, what did he do to our country accept bringing his descendants, we don’t need these racist names in every corner of our country like we living in the past and I wonder which idiot come up with that idea.

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