Malawi Rastas want dreadlocks allowed in schools

Rastafarians in Malawi have asked government to lift its ban on dreadlocks in public schools.

Rastafarians protesting

Members of Rastafarian community made the request Wednesday at Blantyre City Council offices.

Empress Maggie, who is Nyabhingi Order of Rastafarian publicity secretary said children of rastafarians are barred from attending school hence being denied access to education.

She feared that such children may grow up to become robbers.

On his part, National secretary for the Nyabhingi Order of the Rastas Ras Kush Timbenawo said lack of education for children is a death sentence for the Rastafarian religion and culture.

We are saying that our children should go to school. If they are barred from attending school, then we are doomed. That is a death sentence to our religion and culture because we cannot develop in any aspect without education, he said.

The Rastas also argued that the ban on dreadlocks is not consistent with Section 20 of the Malawi Constitution which says: “discrimination of persons in any form is prohibited and all persons are, under any law, guaranteed equal and effective protection against discrimination on grounds of race, colour, sex, language, religion or other status.”

Minister of Education, Bright Msaka promised to engage the Rastas on the issue.

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  1. Za zii zotengera ku South Africa even ku Zimbabwe salora. Osangomanga ma School awo bwanji ndikumapanga malamulo ao monga ana chitira a Silamu, katolika, CCAP, Seventh Day osati kukakamiza boma kuti apange za iwo. Mangani yanu Schools zosavuta.

  2. Allow Rasta’s children to go to school with dread

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