Gandhi statue erection: Govt fails to challenge injunction

The injunction against the erection of the Mahatma Gandhi statue in Blantyre has been sustained following government’s unwillingness to challenge it.

The Gandhi Must Fall Movement obtained an injunction stopping the construction of the statue saying that Gandhi was a racist and did nothing for Malawi to deserve such an honour.

Site of the Gandhi statue



The inter-party hearing was slated for Monday, November 12 but the government and the Blantyre City Council did not show up to argue against the injunction.

This prompted High Court Judge Mike Tembo to sustain the injunction saying when government is ready to remove it, the court will set a fresh date for the hearing.

Reacting to the development, the movement which is fighting for the falling of the statue said government has to be commended for not challenging the injunction and says that’s the way to go.

“Today, we were at the court for Judge to rule on the injunction against the erection of the Mahatma Gandhi statue in Blantyre. Lawyers from the government side did not show up, only one from PLEM Construction did but with no documents.

“Just yesterday, the constructor cleared the site of the items, meaning that we will not see the work happening soon, or even ever. Some may say government has been defeated, but that is not our understanding. We believe government has listened to the calls against the statue,” wrote the movement on its Facebook page.

The movement added that this is the kind of environment they would like to see in Malawi claiming they want a Malawi that is standing independent of all imperial elements.