Disgusting: Nurse takes a selfie of a woman giving birth

A nurse at Ndirande Health Centre in Blantyre has come under fire for taking a selfie with a naked pregnant woman in the background.

A picture shared widely on social media shows the yet to be identified nurse and the unsuspecting pregnant woman on a bed in the labor ward.

The picture that has sparked outage

Malawians on social media have since called on authorities to fire the nurse saying her actions are shameful and could discourage pregnant women from going to hospital.

“The innocent expectant woman at that back is not even aware that a photo of her naked body is being taken. What kind of a medical professional would insult a fellow woman and the nation at large in this way? Is this how we celebrate the use of modern technology in Malawi? Now when pregnant women prefer to go to traditional birth attendance will they be wrong?” asked one social media user.

Some said the nurse should be prosecuted for violating the privacy of the pregnant woman.