Fresh call: CSOs demand APM’s impeachment

Peter Mutharika

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Malawi have demanded the impeachment of President Peter Mutharika following a donation of five vehicles made by controversial businessman Zameer Karim.

The CSOs under the banner Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) have demanded that Mutharika must be forced to step down as the leader of the country for receiving the donation of K85 million worth of vehicles.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: CSOs want Parliament to impeach him

The CSOs have also requested the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament to probe Karim saying the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has failed them.

Leaders of HRDC have also made a plea to the donor community to help the country in governance related issues as a way of fighting corruption in the country.

Karim is reported to have bought five NP300 vehicles from Nissan Malawi (Imperial Motors Limited) on July 31 2017 under order number 318712. Each vehicle is valued at K17 million (US$23,000).

Records at the Malawi Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services (DRTSS) reveal that the vehicles were registered in President Mutharika’s name as a title holder number 201601040226588. The vehicles were registered seven days after purchase.

The records further show that change of ownership was managed by a proxy, State House employee Dabble Disi, who is also related to the president. His title-holder number is 20150704157551.

However, presidential secretary Mgeme Kalilani is reported to have said that Mutharika is not the owner of the vehicles but his ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The donation follows Karim’s controversial deposit of K145 million to a bank account whose sole signatory is Mutharika after Karim got a tender to supply food to the police service.

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  1. One can always predict the outcome of SCOs demands in Malawi. Zero; nothing. What have the CSOs so far achieved in Malawi? I am not suggesting that they are wrong. But you can’t expect different results if u keep doing the same things over and over gain. Only YAS can be said to be tactiful in its approach of things.

  2. Time z going he will still end up the term ineffective civil rights organization: shaaa

  3. This is stupid call. Where were these CSOs when Lutepo gave JB 20 brand new vehicles?

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