Is Atsogo Scrafoc Malawi`s next flag bearer?

Atsogo Scrafoc

The Malawi music industry is growing but only a few artists are manifesting that hunger to penetrate the porous international boundaries.

What makes the boundaries porous? The answer is advancement in technology.

In South Africa there is a youthful Malawian musician who goes by the moniker Atsogo Scrafoc, real name Gift Chilonga. He is a master of hip hop gospel, probably a rapper you can recommend to the masses.

Atsogo Scrafoc
Atsogo Scrafoc: producing good music

Chilonga has the `juju` for producing great music that meets international standards. Being a Christian rapper, it is impossible to access his work on some of the most popular music platforms since they are much focused on secular work.

Furthermore, not all people in the world are Christians but if the human kind was to ignore the differences, here is a musician I would happily recommend.

Having listened to some of his songs, Celebrate and Over, I became hungrier to consume more of his work. Music done by this young man is worth many ears across the world.

He has a unique hip hop style which the global village can relate to. It is exciting knowing that an artist of this caliber is from my motherland Malawi. In him, I see potential to reach greater heights in the ministry.

It has been reported that he is planning to do more international collaborations, a development that will elevate his status further. If we are to go by those media reports, then he has blessings of our land.

The good thing is that he is in South Africa, one of a few countries in Africa where a musician can easily succeed. For instance, Gemini Major and Zani Challe from Malawi gained their international exposure in the rainbow nation.