Chilima condemns ‘brute’ political gurus

Saulos Chilima

President of United Transformation Movement (UTM) has bemoaned a tendency by some few Malawians who are practicing violent politics and has called them as “brutes”.

The UTM leader made the remarks on Sunday during a political rally the movement held in Chiradzulu.

Chilima said there are some who are burning and destroying UTM vehicles, and he stressed that he knows them only that the culprits seem to have too much power.

Some of the nails

He, however, preached peace by indicating that Malawians are one, and that ‘politics of intimidation’ ended in 1993 when the country voted for multiparty.

Chilima further called for the respect of the freedom the country earned through some freedom fighters who shed their blood.

“We should not destroy and degrade the goodness that others did for us to be free just because of the childish and brutish of some people in Malawi.

“You brutes remaining, go and find somewhere to practice your brutish behavior, not with us,” said Chilima.

He stressed that his party is focused on practicing peaceful and issue based politics.

Towards the end of his speech, Chilima warned those that had to drive from the rally that ‘brutes’ had put nails attached to banana fruits on the roads with an aim of bursting car tyres.

He then showed some of the bananas to the crowd.