Jesus taught us to remove incompetent leaders – Chilima

CChilima endorsed the demos

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima has said removing political leaders who are failing to discharge their duties is what Jesus Christ taught his followers.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima: following the bible

Chilima made the remarks during a fundraising event for a bus at CCAP Nkhoma Synod in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

The vice president who is also the leader of United Transformation Movement (UTM) gave the example of a time in the bible when Jesus chased away people who were doing business in the church.

“Jesus chased away people who were selling goods in the church meaning that it was a wrong. This is to mean that removing political leaders who are not convincing is a biblical teaching,” Chilima said.

On his approach of using a catapult to remove incompetent political leaders, Chilima said the tool is also used in the bible.

He then urged congregants to start respecting pastors and the church’s leaders.

Chilima said pastors are the ones who deserve to be respected in the church since political leadership has an expiry time unlike priesthood.

He also advised people to be respecting chiefs more than political leaders.

According to Chilima, chiefs hold the heritage of every society and are worthy to be respected.

Chilima is one of the main challengers to President Peter Mutharika and Malawi Congress Party leader Lazarus Chakwera on the presidential post in next year’s Tripartite Elections.



  1. To be honest Peter Mtharika has been doing nothing but stealing, it’s wrong we need to remove him. In his presidency what have he done good that steal? Nothing , he said roads no that not development it’s our tax our money . He is coward I agree with SC no matter I’m not his fun , but APM he is far worse than former government.

  2. Iam not happy with this man. He could resign and proceedings of his party could value. He is wasting tax money as vice president yet not delivering. He accuse dpp yet they teach him, he acuse president but still working under him. These ladise whom power hungry confuse him and totally he lost mind. Stupid thing going to church talking stupid speech then is blasphemy. Please sir resig so your claim government is corrupt can get understood

  3. I think in all fairness, Chilima should check himself here. In the spirit of loving the country and being responsible one should accept their failures not only as individuals but as a team player. You joined APM to enter government and your president is not doing well. Then you should be part of the problem by saying “I have failed you Malawians” I am sorry with all the trust you gave me things have not worked out. I want to resign from the DPP and also Government so that I can serve you better. I want to detach myself from the mess that the DPP Government is in, I do not want to be part of the corrupt government” people would say “Yes this man is talking”. Not when you cling to the same government you say its corrupt. Worse still the same corrupt people are funding your party. I don’t know you, but for me, this man Chilima will keep blaming others for his mistakes, he will not take responsibility for anything, he will not sign good deals for Malawi. Mark my words! My vote is for Chakwera and MCP!

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