Go and check my academic records: Nankhumwa challenges critics


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President Kondwani Nankhumwa has denied using his relative’s certificate and has challenged people to check his academic records at former schools.

Nankhumwa who is also Minister of Local Government said this in response to claims that he stole his relative’s identity in order to use the relative’s certificate. A Mulanje based man made the claims on a video circulating on social media.

Nankhumwa: has denied stealing identity

But Nankhumwa said his ex-classmates at all schools he went to would also confirm that he attended the schools.

“The issue of my academic records and qualifications (not mentioning my Professional qualifications) can easily be checked at Chisitu Primary School in Mulanje, Chitundu Primary school in Dedza and Mayani Secondary school in Dedza. In all these schools, I had numerous teachers, friends and classmates who would easily corroborate my story, including testimonies of different leadership positions I held that time,” he said.

Nankhumwa then accused political enemies of using the men in the video to defame him.

He challenged other politicians who have issues against him to be brave enough and tell him openly.

In the statement, the Minister said he has forgiven the two people for their mudslinging.

Nankhumwa advised his friends not to file defamation cases against the two men saying their economic situation will worsen if penalised.

He also asked the police not to arrest the two men and his supporters to stop assaulting the two saying he cannot allow anyone to use his name to beat up other people.

“Let the duo return to their homes. I assure them of maximum protection. Nobody will intimidate them for what they did. This is time to work hard in the fields to ensure bumper harvest next year,” said Nankhumwa.

In the video, one of the men claimed that Nankhumwa’’s real name is George Malemia but he later stole his relative’s identity and started using his academic qualifications.


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  1. Ndale za umbuli zonyozana though I don’t like DPP but that was not good but what about Hon Mchacha kuti analembeledwa MSCE where is the Anti Corruption Bureau???????

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