Time to rescue FAM from Walter Nyamilandu, greedy affiliates

The latest crisis that has plagued the Flames this week is another reminder, if we needed any, that our football – the national game – is in the wrong hands, managed by a useless, if not senseless, leadership that has no clue, whatsoever, of discharging such a national mandate.

That we have cried, loud and clear, that we have probably the worst football leaders in the history of this game is there for the record but, even their pathetic standards, we never believed that they could drag us so deep into the abyss.

That our Flames, let alone our football have turned into a joke, in the 15 years that Walter Nyamilandu has been in charge, is clear for everyone to see but, even by his poor record as the leader, we never thought that he could take us this far into this pit of darkness.

Walter Nyamilandu
Walter’s regime need to redraw its priorities.

Ironically, while our senior team has become a punching bag, unable to even win one World Cup qualifier, and not good enough to even leap out the Nations Cup group stages, Nyamilandu and his cronies – led by greedy affiliates -don’t seem to see anything abnormal about the current situation.

His stubbornness saw him employing Ronny Van Geneugden as the Flames’s h

ead coach despite not having any experience and to make matters worse, the FA’s life president told the media that he spotted the Belgian tactician on YouTube.

Ever since RVG came on board, the team has performed miserably despite all the support he is given by the Nyamilandu led administration.

We went to Cosafa last year where we failed to win even a single game and the team failed to score even an offside goal.

Ronny Van Geneugden lost to Morocco

RVG and his boys went to Cosafa this year where, just like last year, Malawi came back empty handed in a group comprised of minnows Angola, Mauritius and Namibia.

If we can’t beat minnows like Mauritius, Angola, Lesotho and Namibia, do we expect to beat African giants like Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria and Egypt?

The only thing he achieved as the FA president was Malawi’s scrupulous qualification to the 2010 AFCON but since then, our standards have completely gone down.

Are we moving forward or we are just moving in cycles? The latest 3-nil defeat to Morocco over the weekend is just a clear indication that our football has lost its direction under Nyamilandu.

Nyamilandu and his affiliates have destroyed our football to the extent that concerns over the state of the game in this country have reached a stage where almost everyone, from the ordinary person in the street to lawmakers, is blaming the incumbent and his executive committee.

That Nyamilandu and his executive have failed, both on and off the field, is not in dispute.

The country has failed to qualify for the major continental tournaments during his tenure as the FA’s president.

Malawi against Morocco last Saturday. (Photo by Jalal Morchidi/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

It is apparent that Nyamilandu cannot take the country’s football forward anymore. He has run out of ideas. And with elections at the FA fast approaching, new blood is urgently needed to inject fresh ideas in the running of football in the country.

By new blood we don’t mean the recycling of the same people as has become the norm in soccer administration, where failures from the past are laundered as possible Messiahs.

Time has come for Nyamilandu and his greedy affiliates, who are only interested in feeding their big bellies at the expense of our football, to leave our beautiful game. We say no to mediocrity and we say no to another term in office for the incumbent.

10 thoughts on “Time to rescue FAM from Walter Nyamilandu, greedy affiliates

  1. Mr Walter Nyamilandu come to my office to collect your letter of termination of contract.

  2. This is nonsense.i Even read the articles about this guy.he came to Malawi to still our money with this blood sucker.all of them to hell.they are a piece of shit and don’t wait for elections.they must resign.malawians we must demonstrate against this stupid blood sucking panel.to hell nyamilandu and your coach.how can you employ an outsider thinking that he will put ur country on the map.uyadelela wena

  3. 100% I agree with you.we need people who can have sleepless nights thinking of how they can take soccer to Brazil.
    Not empty heads.

  4. As for me, I lost hope in Nyamilandu the point he insisted on hiring RVG despite government advise. We have a very big problem in election process of our FA, unless rules are changed we will always have mediocre leaders who run affairs of our football as a personal fiefdom. Its not only at FAM, look at regional FAs, SULOM, districts, MASSA bodies etc, individuals have been in positions over 15 years but without anything to show that they achieved. The same have been entrusted to vote at FAM elections and they keep failing us, our football is killed from deep down.

  5. We totally agree with this analysis! Shame on FAM and its cronies! I’m not happy at all, the last time Malawi played football was in 1989! Since then phada basi! The whole FAM structures including the voting system should be revamped before the next elections! The current arrangements for voting football administrators is bad and outdated! It doesn’t give the main football stakeholders mandate to vote for good leaders! A national coach can’t be hired by an individual, advertise for the position of the head coach now and disband the entire technical panel(most of them not experienced enough to administer football at the highest level, yes they have played professional football but not administration!) Tatopa kutibulidwa zigoli bwana Wotala!

  6. He must go it’s time up. Our team has become a laugh stock

  7. Indeed he is useless it’s time for him to pack and go, he has to admit his failure flames is worse than ever

  8. I have watched the Flames playing recently and they look like a bunch of amateurs playing sunday soccer. Japan’s U20 women soccer team can give them a ran for their money.

    Fam should try to get in former flames legends both local players and coaches to help administer the organization, and if they should employ a foreign coach then the individual must e familiar with african soccer as a whole.

  9. May be we are still stuck to his campain promise that once we keep voting for him,he will take Malawi to 2022 Quatar.
    We are watching the space.

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