Chilima wants estates to give land to the landless

Saulos Klaus Chilima (SKC)

Vice President Saulos Chilima has promised to ensure that people in Thyolo and Mulanje are given land if he becomes Malawi president next year.

Chilima said he will fight for the rights of landless people in the two districts.
He was speaking during a United Transformation Movement (UTM) rally in Mulanje.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima faults land distribution in Malawi.

According to the vice president, he will talk to estates and other big land owners to give some of their land to people from the district who do not own land.

“We will not allow this selfishness to continue. You only have one home and it is in your localities where you should feel at home,” he told Mulanje residents.

Some people in Thyolo and Mulanje led by land rights activist Vincent Wandale have been calling on government to force estates to release part of their land to locals.

During the Mulanje rally, Chilima also promised to enhance tourism in the district by ensuring that Mulanje’s beautiful scenery is maintained.

Chilima who is expected to be UTM presidential candidate in the 2019 elections has been holding rallies to tell Malawians what he will do if voted into power during the 2019 polls.

During the rallies he has been pledging to introduce new politics, stamp out corruption and nepotism and create a million jobs in the first year.

He said: “Without land, people cannot do anything to develop themselves. As such, when we take over the running of government next year, we will engage some big land owners to release part of their land to landless people. We will not allow this selfishness to continue. You only have one home and it is in your localities where you should feel at home.”

Chilima also pledged to develop the tourism sector in the district, which he described as having potential to contribute significantly to the country’s economic development.

“We intend to uplift efforts of making Mulanje a tourist attraction hub. Because of that, we need to plant more trees to make Mulanje Mountain greener.

“We will also ensure that people here have potable water, well-equipped hospitals that are closer to their localities and ensure that no child drops out of school because of lack of school fees,” he added.

The rally at Namphungo was said to be a first in a series of meetings that UTM is planning to conduct in rural areas.



  1. I’ve guaranteed my vote to the mighty DPP,, but the issue of land seriously gets to my nerves with shock.people in these 2 districts don’t have land to do farming.farming is the thing that can uplift the lives these people economically,,and not working in these factories.government please do something, force the owners of these estates to release part of the land to the people

  2. Eee inu mufuna udimu khulupililani fundo zake,osati Ku Susa usanawone umboni wake

  3. This guy so called Chilima he is talking shit I can’t vote for him

  4. I have already said on nyasatimes commenting on the same story, Chilima doesn’t love our country especially those two districts which people call lhomwe belts and if we make a mistake by voting him in, he is going to make people of those two districts suffer. Chonde chilima kapeze anthu amadera ena kuti ukawapusitse ife kwathukuno ndiye usatipatse umphawi. Makolo akudalira ma estate amenewa, akutumiza ana ku sukulu ndi malipiro a ma estate amenewa. Tikamatinso chuma cha dziko lino chili mu ulimi, ulimi wina ndi umene uja wa tea ndipi boma limapedzapo ndalama zambiri likatumiza tea wathuyi ku mayiko a kunja. I feel so proud when i see malawi tea brands in big shops like checkers and makro here in south africa.

  5. Sir i respect u but now you are talking shit shit shit. Please please if you re stupid continue your boring politics. Chikowa/ makande tobacco estates were closed do you got idea how how people are suffering? Stupid stupid politics you re saying. Please i berg you withdraw with immediate effect. Please these ladies close to u are dizzy too just power hungry. Please Julius ceaser book those who follow it is what u re doing.

  6. Cant you see now what is hapening in South africa? You just want to damage malawi,and what you must know is that here in malawi malo amakhala m,manja mwa a nfumu.bwanji ngati anthu akusowa malo osakazigulira malo bwanji m,madela momwe boma limagulisa.

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