Demand accountability – Malawi Journalists told

Stevie Duwa

With months for Malawi to hold general elections, Journalists in the country have been urged to demand accountability as one way of achieving fair and credible elections.

Speaking during a workshop on election reporting in Blantyre, Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN) chairperson Steven Duwa urged journalists to demand accountability from authorities.
Duwa explained that demanding accountability could be a way of solving challenges that affect elections, like violence.

Citing the political violence that Malawi had for the past weeks, Duwa said demanding accountability could be a way of blocking such ugly scenes.

Stevie Duwa
Duwa made the call: (File image)

“In Malawi we are too casual when it comes to the issue of holding others accountable, I don’t want to believe that perpetrators are not held accountable and not in a society that we have the Police. I don’t know how?” Wondered Duwa.

He added that accountability must be demanded for elections to be of standards on the international level.

Blantyre Press Club (BPC) whose membership attended the workshop applauded the election reporting saying it is to help them in handling election matters.

BPC President Blessings Kanache challenged journalists to be easing the tension that may rise towards the elections