Pictorial: Malawi24 public discussion on albino attacks in Malawi

Malawi24 last Friday held round-table discussion at MPC in Blantyre on the subject of the killing and abduction of people with albinism in Malawi.

The function attracted members from the Association of People with Albinism (APAM), Disability Rights Organisation Movement (DROM), Traditional Healers Association of Malawi, and the Malawi police among others.

In summary, panelists from the aforementioned organisations have given related views on measures that should be employed in curbing atrocities against people living with albinism.

Some of the common proposed solutions to the problem are, citizen coordination in combating the issue, the government should do more than what it is doing on the matter.

The environment should be made safe enough for all Malawians irrespective of the existing differences, and this issue should be prioritized for a quick desired outcome.


Issues  raised at the event could be read HERE


Ian Simbota
Ian Simbota: APAM National executive member stressing a point.
Malawi24 Social media manager, Lyonike Mughogho (L) and cameraman Tobias Kumwenda (R) busy working.
Participants pose for a group photo after the two hour long discussion.
Alexander Simenti
Alexander Simenti Senior Superintendent from Malawi Police says police work should not be undermined.
Elizabeth Machinjiri
Elizabeth Machinjiri, Executive director, of Disability Rights Organisation Movement (DROM) says a lot is said than done in the fight against the vice.
Dr. Vasco Namate
Dr. Vasco Namate,Traditional Healers Association of Malawi, Vice President says albino body parts not a path to riches.
Mrs Saidi
Mrs Saidi, mother to a three year old girl with albinism expresses her worry with the attacks as Mr Amos Malizani from PODCAM (C) and Simbota (L) pay attention.