Chilima dreams of Kamuzu University

CChilima endorsed the demos

Once ushered into power in next year’s polls, leader of United Transformation Movement (UTM) Saulos Chilima intends to introduce Kamuzu University in Kasungu.

Saulos Chilima
Says Malawi needs more better education institutions.

Speaking at a political rally Chilima in Kasungu on Sunday, Chilima said Kasungu Teachers College will be turned into a University and be named after Malawi’s first President, Kamuzu Banda.

The UTM leader also promised to have megafarms in the country to foster crop production and processing of goods.
He added that his government is to give soft loans to farmers in the country as a way of empowering them.

Since the launch of his political movement, has been making promises that his government is to do if the movement gets most votes in 2019 general elections.

Among the promises include creation of one million jobs, introducing high speed trains and transformation of Mangochi district into a city.

However, the ruling Democratic Progressive (DPP) has described the promises as “lies” to the public.



  1. Yes as usual DPP brandish this as a lie, just resounding what they are old worn out liars with no regard for the youths welfare.

  2. Hahahahaa I wish you all for…!! But don’t forget that your party it’s like a two weeks old baby”! so don’t promise things that you can not do it plz!!

  3. Malawi needs politics of development plus a President of all Malawians not regions or tribes which we see in chilima! One Malawi one nation!

  4. The problem with our parties like DPP as well AS CO have leaders who have outlived and have no vision for the improvement of the country. Instead if telling the nation they telling us history and believing get as if they are the only people who deserve to rule Malawi. They treat as people of the 1980s not 2018 hence they use plans of Dr Banda and Bingu none of their own.
    Malawi and needs visionary leaders now like Chilima to aim high and plan how to get there. All of them should concentrate on their visions and tell us how they will take us there rather focusing on IBM. This indicates they nothing to offer. Keep quiet. Politics glorification of leaders is over and will be buried in 2019!

  5. “Once ushered into power”……………..hahahahahahahaahah!!!

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