Chihana declares DPP victory in 2019 elections


Alliance for Democracy’s (AFORD) Enock Chihana has claimed that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will continue to rule this country beyond 2019 if opposition parties will not form an electoral alliance in next year’s tripartite elections.

Chihana said this on Saturday during a political rally he held at Karonga community ground.

Speaking at the rally, Chihana said the ruling DPP is still strong and capable to win as there is no opposition party that can defeat DPP own its own.

He added that most opposition parties have been swallowed up by greed hence fighting.

Chihana (In hat) with Ghambi at the rally.

“Let me speak as a political scientist, we should expect another 5 years of DPP rule because opposition party leaders are failing to form an alliance just because of greed. If we fail to unite as opposition parties we will be in opposition for the rest of our lives,” said Chihana.

The Rumphi central legislator suggested that all opposition political parties in Malawi should form an electoral alliance if the current government is to be removed.

“I am suggesting that this alliance should be headed by one candidate who has the welfare of the people of Malawi,” said Chihana.

His remarks comes at a time when the party is sailing in a leadership wrangle a thing which has forced Chihana to seek court intervention on the eligible person to lead the party between Chihana and Karonga Central Member of Parliament Frank Mwenifumbo.

Former deputy minister of education Vincent Ghambi who is also a DPP member attended the rally.

But commenting on the issue, first democratically elected Member of Parliament for Karonga central constituency McMillan Kishombe said Chihana should first work on uniting AFORD members before commenting on national issues.



  1. Hon Chihana is right. No single political party can defeat DPP. Take it or leave it. Opposition parties must unite for them to remove DPP led govt from power. Otherwise, I can’T see any individual vibrant opposition bloc to remove DPP. Please join hands as opposition parties. Hon Enock Chihana is very right. If they don’t unite, it will be like what happened in Zimbabwe and DPP will win

  2. Well written Victor,

    Mr Chihana consider yourself as Onions farm man or a fisherman not a leader or a politician.

  3. I’m not into politics because of my personal reasons,according to mr chihana remarks of forming a strong opposition party to gain power in general elections that shows me how weak his manifesto and his mind as well .if i were you i would have encourage all opposition parties to unite, church leaders,non organizations and all Malawians to come together and give all support the ruling party to develope our country rather than support his stupidity .i don’t think he went to school for leadership. Malawi will be poor if we have more chihanas

  4. Ulibe zokamba osangokhala pansi…you can’t see the mighty MCP kuti its taking over next DPP my foot……Wangokula ulibe nzelu

  5. For what Mr Chihana said is true. DPP is still going and strong and it’s going to win this 2019 election, you like it or not.. And never never again for president of the country to rule only 5 year. It might start here in Malawi. Let. give him another chance to see Maso Mphenya. I salute.
    Neutral member.

  6. Very weak and fool leader, some people should just continue being fishmans or afarmer so that atleast the villagers within will benefit.

    How can a leader endorsing the winning of another party during the campaigning. What kind of messages does he onveying to his supporters.

    Alibe fundo awa akuzikayikira or u phungu musawavotere.
    Azikangolima basi.

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