Special needs student enrolment rises

Virginia Palmer

School enrolment of children with special needs education has increased in Malawi, according to the ministry of education science and technology.

The latest data shows that enrolment has increased from 120, 000 in 2016 to 145,000 in 2017.
Director of special needs education in Malawi David Njaidi attributed the increase to a number of efforts his ministry is implementing.

He singled out the cordial relationship they have with parents in promoting special needs children’s welfare in the society.

“The trainings we offer on inclusive education and the role of media have greatly helped in opening up the mindset of parents such that most now know they have a crucial role to play in helping their children mostly those with special needs in achieving quality education,” said Njaidi.

He added that his ministry is trying to boost the levels of special needs education in Malawi.

Speaking in an interview, Maggie Ganizan of Ntenje village in the area of traditional Authority Chitukula in Lilongwe who has a child with disability said she plays a crucial role in motivating her child by creating a free environment for him to learn under.

Ganizani added that she will stand with her child despite facing some challenges like long distance to school.
She therefore advised other parents who have children with special needs that they should continue motivating the children so as to create a better future for them.