YAS calls for probe into Mulli’s K12 billion claim

Charles kajoloweka

Youth and Society (YAS) has called on authorities to investigate businessman Leston Mulli’s K12 billion compensation claim.

Mulli through Sunrise Pharmaceuticals Limited and Chombe Foods Limited which he owns successfully sued government for K3 billion as damages for losses during the July 20, 2011 demonstrations.

Earlier this year, government gave Mulli’s companies the money. But Mulli is now seeking an additional K8 billion in interests for the initial payment.

Charles kajoloweka
Charles Kajoloweka leads YAS.

The case started on Friday at the Blantyre High Court where Mulli’s lawyers faced lawyers from the Attorney General’s office and a lawyer from the Malawi Law Society (MLS).

In a statement on Friday, YAS executive Director Charles Kajoloweka questioned the way the Attorney General has handled the issue.

“We suspect that this is plainly another organised malfeasance to defraud the Government. YAS believes that the people of Malawi deserve full disclosure on how this case has been handled firstly by the Attorney General and secondly by the Judiciary.

“It is YAS’s belief that the constitutional order that the people of Malawi adopted in 1994 calls for a Malawi steeped in a culture of rule of law, openness, transparency, accountability and good governance.

“It is on the basis of these ideals that we hereby call for an investigation into the whole claim including circumstances of alleged payments of 3.1 Billion MWK,” says the statement.



  1. Attorney general will handle that case carelessly in order Mulli to win and money goes back to DPP for compaign. Believe me this is another type of cashgate certified by the court. Those young boys are cleaver they know exactly what is going on but the don’t get support from other quotas

  2. The way how Mulli gets compensation from his colleagues in this administration leaves alot to be desired,in fact Malawians are aware that this is another Dpp thievery drama at its best and we know that the 8 billion kwacha will be paid to Mulli, it’s just a matter of time believe me! This money will be used by the Dpp for campaign! Can someone stop this nonsense please! A pumbwa akuononga zinthu! God Bless Mother Malawi!

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