MCP will form youth centred government – Chakwera

Lazarus Chakwera

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Lazarus Chakwera has said his party will focus on improving the lives of youth if it forms the next government in 2019.

Chakwera made the assurance at MCP headquarters in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe when he was concluding the National Youth Forum that the party organised.

“MCP’s approach to youth transformation is a cut above the rest. We do not say vote for me and I will give you what you lack. Rather, in my quest to form a government that builds nothing for us without us, my approach is to have young people from every district present in every room and at every table where government policies are formed, decided and implemented,” said Chakwera.

Lazarus Chakwera
Chakwera has made the promise.

He added that the National Youth Conference is proof that the inclusive and national approach is not a cosmetic attempt to get votes but something that is in the party’s DNA.

“And I can attest that the youth delegates who came have done great work, as they produced and presented me with a copy of a Youth Policy that will be a central focus of my government,” Chakwera said.

Chakwera then accused the President Peter Mutharika regime of doing nothing to improve lives of young people over the past four years.

He claimed that members of Mutharika’s cabinet have recently been making belated efforts to focus on youths in order to get votes.

“Young people are tired of being courted and exploited by parties led by wannabe messiahs promising a change that only interests them when there is an election that threatens to deprive them of their most prized possession: the abuse of the powers and resources of their cabinet posts to live like kings and queens while watching Malawians sink deeper into poverty,” Chakwera said.