Mulli threatens to ‘kill’ Kajoloweka

Charles kajoloweka

Businessman Leston Mulli has threatened to kill activist Charles Kajoloweka for asking authorities to investigate the K12 billion compensation claim by the businessman’s companies.

According to the activist, Mulli made the death threat this morning.

Kajoloweka who is executive director of Youth and Society (YAS) said Mulli insulted him before warning him that he will be murdered.

Mulli Brothers
Mulli: sent death threats to an activist

“Following my organisation’s press statement yesterday questioning Muli’s 12 billion MWK claim from Government, Leston Mulli called me on his mobile number +27 65 601 4275 at 8:43 this morning throwing all sorts of “f” insults and threats. He has literary promised to kill me. Again, he has plainly challenged that no level of ” stupid noise” we make will stop him from getting his money,” wrote Kajoloweka on Facebook.

Mulli through Sunrise Pharmaceuticals Limited and Chombe Foods Limited which he owns successfully sued government for K3 billion as damages for losses during the July 20, 2011 demonstrations.

Earlier this year, government gave Mulli’s companies the money. But Mulli is now seeking an additional K8 billion in interests for the initial payment.

The case started on Friday at the Blantyre High Court where Mulli’s lawyers faced lawyers from the Attorney General’s office and a lawyer from the Malawi Law Society (MLS).

In a statement on Friday, YAS executive Director Charles Kajoloweka questioned the way the Attorney General has handled the issue.

“We suspect that this is plainly another organised malfeasance to defraud the Government. YAS believes that the people of Malawi deserve full disclosure on how this case has been handled firstly by the Attorney General and secondly by the Judiciary.

“It is YAS’s belief that the constitutional order that the people of Malawi adopted in 1994 calls for a Malawi steeped in a culture of rule of law, openness, transparency, accountability and good governance.

“It is on the basis of these ideals that we hereby call for an investigation into the whole claim including circumstances of alleged payments of 3.1 Billion MWK,” says the statement.







  1. Kajoloweka fight on. Keep it up. This country does not belong to a certain group of people.

  2. No compasation will be paid to your family mufa ngati nkhumba yapachiwa

  3. How can you kill each us because of money, have think of judgement day when you die/kill somebody for it.

  4. I dont know why you should be in favour of Muli Brothers . How can Malawians allow one family to own most of the businesses in the land ? These guys have captured Malawi in a similar way the Gupta Brothers captured South Africa . Its time to investigate Muli Brothers dealings and allow a fair playing field where you enviurage small businesses flourish and new comers . Malawi wake up

  5. Asowe baasi kajolowekayo, akubweretsa mpungwepungwe ndi mzake trepence. Muli you can hire me as a hit man. I am a licensed hit man. Kaya ukufuna afe pangozi ina ili yonse ndiuze ada bola ma mill angawo

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