Dan Lu licks APM’s boots

Dan Lu

If you think Joseph Nkasa is the only name that glorifies politicians, you are wrong as Dan Lu has proved to be part of the hustle.

The afro pop star is praising President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), in a new song entitled Lozani Zanu.

Sings for APM.

As the title tells, the singer is plainly telling other politicians to show the world what they have done in their leadership capacities. He brands the DPP as the ideal political organisation to continue ruling Malawi.

As to whether Dan Lu has been paid to glorify Mutharika or he is singing out of his love for the leader, only him has an answer for that.

In Malawi when the campaign period is beckoning, politicians use influential musicians to entice voters, among other persuasive strategies. Musicians like Joseph Nkasa, Soul Chembezi, and Tay Grin are among the notable names.

The newly launched United Transformation Movement (UTM) also has artists who perform at its rallies. During the launch of the movement at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre, the forgotten Thomas performed.

However, musicians have the right to associate with any political party, just like any other citizen of Malawi, as stipulated in Malawi’s constitution.



  1. Ndinkakukonda Dan koma wayambano misala ndi Ndale zakozi

  2. Ndale zimathetsa carieer coz ma followers ukasemphana nawo mbali amakhala adani ako

  3. ukufuna kundilanda move eti ? waganiza bwanji iwe Dan Lufani? any way tie tiwadyele ..panopa ndupeka ya chilima ..tittle yake Daniel dzenje lamikango

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