Khumbo Kachali condemns Chilima

Former Vice President Khumbo Kachali has lashed out at Vice President Saulos Chilima for using violence to promote his candidacy.

Writing on Facebook yesterday, Kachali said Chilima is using violence as a campaign tactic.

Chilima at a United Transformation Movement (UTM) rally in Mangochi yesterday showed the audience a slingshot saying he will use it to fight corrupt politicians once he get into power.

Kachali fires shots to Chilima.

Kachali who is also president of Freedom Party was however not amused, saying Chilima has demonstrated that he will unleash terror on political opponents.

“It is simply not acceptable for the second citizen of this great nation to be brandishing a primitive and barbaric weapon of violence (the catapult) on a political podium and continuously, in a sadistic way, be demonstrating how he will unleash brutality on his political opponents come May 22nd, 2019. That is childish,” wrote Kachali.

He then claimed that Malawians shunned UTM’s launch in the Eastern Region. According to Kachali, the low attendance is due to Chilima’s lies on creation of one million jobs and introduction of bullet trains in Malawi.

In his Facebook post, the former vice president also condemned the torching of two UTM vehicles in Mangochi and called on the police to thoroughly investigate the issue and bring to book all the culprits.



  1. Will wait you guys get employed in that 1000000 figure. IAM ok. If mboni za yehova was party I could join. Zipusani kufikira. Bingu used to say ‘ lorani ntchito yamanja anga indichitire umboni’. I loved that late president and up now I followed his steps. IAM now up this level because I followed him and learn alot. However chilima has lot to learn as he is working with crooks.

    Please if anyone can be interested to share how kalista killed bingu would be more appropriate. Malawi Malawi Malawi raise……

  2. Mmm….. Asi mkanyamula ma bed pa mponela imwe kuhamba nawo Ku Edingeni mwaluwa kwali timukumbuskeni.

  3. If DPP is claiming that it has done a lot for Malawi, then Chilima has also done a lot because he is the VP of the country. Please lets think in digital and not analogue.

  4. Chilima has Malawi at heart because he wants to unit Malawians while others are focusing on the numbers if their regions this old political thinking that has led us down . Therefore people like Kachali who think they own Mzimba should keep quiet and watch how Malawi is to change under the leadership of Chilima . As for those who think they have warn because of their age you gonna be surprised what God has for Malawi. God bless Chilima and UTM WE WANT CHANGE! Politics of worshiping leaders NEEDS to be buried for good. Boot linking should be abolished with it . Advice Chilima and team concentrate on what you will do leave kutukwana to the old politicians because they have nothing to offer ! Period ! !!

  5. Anthu wa. Aliyense wapanga mwa business.akafuna kulemera mwa changu .azitinamiza ife.iyeyo anali Momo Boma wapanga cholozeka ndi chani ? Apanga akawina Kodi ?? Yambani mwaonetsako.zinsanzo mwa zomwe mwapanga muli Vice President of malawi.tatopano ndi Za ndale zanuzi

  6. I was one of the haters for Chilima, since Kamuzu and the late Bingu, Malawi has been under the useless leadership(Mbuzi zeni zeni).

    I spent more time in you tube and listening to Chilima, this guy indeed a true leader of Malawi. I have advice my family either ndizakhalako during the vote koma or kulibe to please to vote Chi

  7. Apa akachali muzakhale ndimutima oipa siyana tiwone zina inu Vuto lanu ndiloti ku Mzimba kuchokera kale kale mupaka pano mseu wa busy Mbalachanda Road thala kulibe magesi kukukanika kufika pa Kamteteka Hospital korma muli ndima truck 50 a nachoka kuti

  8. Inu chilima is not chilima you think. He is using and used by those political prostituted people with honourable degrees. However need Jesus coming but now fools are fools. This guy won’t change or bring anything. He is under skirts of power greedy people. Take note

  9. Mukanakhala ndi nzeru amayi sakanakutayani bambo inu koma dyera lanulo ndi kuba ndizomwe mumaziwika nazo madala.Just retire from politics bkoz u have nothing to offer to Malawians u selfish munthu.

  10. Madala chifukwa chani mukudana ndi chilungamo tifuna nyamata ife nthawi yanu inantha mwamva forsake

  11. Yah….Chilima his not a politician. How can he create One million Jobs in 12 month time..he is a big lie… Akut akufuna mangochi idzakhale citie like Cape Town..kkkkkk timangomuvela

  12. Very useless. Akuluwa ndi gulu la mbava zomwezo. What else can he say.

  13. Pepani Ndalankhula Mopusa. Chilima Is A Genious I Endorse Him To Be Our Only Hope Come 2019

  14. Akachali u r piece of

    shit leave Chilima for future bright of our poor beloved country. More than 50 yes no change still the world’s poorest country shame on fat pig Chilima ndi graduate wapa Chanco in jc ku Mphezi rubbish.

  15. Akacha u r piece shit leave Chilima for future bright of our poor beloved country. More than 50 yes no change still the world’s poorest country shame on fat pig Chilima ndi graduate wapa Chanco in jc ku Mphezi rubbish.

  16. Khumbo bulutu, he has nothing to offer . kodi kakeko ndi kachipani. ? Or bungwe la chipiliganyo

  17. Kachali we know u that u r DPP mesa ndiwe umati wanthu wavotele Pitala JB akati akuleka pa wu running mate. Tisiyeni Ndi Chilima wathu , iweyo Khumbo mesa uli ndi chipani nde panga zako. Legeni imeneyo chaka chamawa munya nayo no more kutidyela zipwete zathu a Pumbwa inu

  18. It’s that time again in the politics of our beautiful Malawi where have-beens come to the fore, frontline politics….money working it’s magic

  19. Thats the cry of the barren. Then why dont you lie too for people to follow you? Youre a failure Kachali

  20. Chilima is lookng to b a very gud leader that is the only guy who can sarve Malawian properly not those aza magogoz they jst stealing our tax money .shout up kachali they is nothing gud u can say about chilima bcoz u belong to the same crooks…!

  21. Khumbo just join DPP, you are aware that most northerners are for Chilima due to his manifesto, you ware in government but you failed to act on quarter system, that’s why amayi through you out as a useless person

  22. Thats trueth you cant talk about the past cos no one can return it,so ndale za a chilima angokamba zochitika kale bwanji thats selfish,iye ndichani chomwe wapanga kwawo apart from zomwe anapanga Lare Sum mpasu,in our are Chilima tsekani pachiboooo chifukwa ife anthu akwanu palibe chitukuko mwatipangila pa zaka mwakhala a vice

  23. The issue here is that Chilima has managed to do what all the VEEP we have ever had in particular him Kachala so I don’t think that he is the right person to school (educate) Chilima & Malawians. Look I hear that he is the leader of a Party which today is my first time to hear about it. Imagine? It’s not about what Khumbo Kachala wants but what Malawians see in Chilima.

  24. Cash gate. Mutu njolinjoli pakati pausiku ndicruiser kukaba mabedi kumponela hospital.

  25. Bwana Kachali please leave us alone, walakwa chani Chilima? You failed miserably! We will vote for change whether one likes or not! Mbava zonse take cover! UTM Boma 2019!

  26. As a VP you failed to identify Cash Gate. You are the worst VP Malawi has ever had. So shut up Kachali.

  27. Mr Kachale please understand things, we know what you are up to and know that you have failed. you were there and you failed to us so let the young Malawian Chilima show us what is capable of .

  28. Akachali palibe chanzelu chimene mwanenapo apa nsanje basi mkaona mnxanu Ali NDI masapota ochuluka UTM bomaaaaaa

  29. Koma ngati mumadana naye chilimao ndiye mwaonjezatu cause the guy was just expressing his gladness about regeni not kuti muzitengere it was much to condemn the burning of two cars to those who did it osati kumangoti chilima akunama let him try also

  30. That’s why jb dropped him as her running mate.And opted for youthful Gwengwe coz him is very unpopular n senseless guy!!!!

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