APM reneges on promise to support Callista


A video of Malawi president Peter Mutharika promising his sister inlaw Callista Mutharika that he will not leave her alone is making rounds on social media as the two are now insulting each other.

President Mutharika promised to support Callista at all means and at all times in 2012 during the funeral of Malawi’s former president Bingu Wa Mutharika at Ndata in Thyolo district.

The video in possession of this publication is circulating on the social media with people marking the promise as a contradiction to the current situation between the two.

Callista and Peter Mutharika have gone separate ways.

“To Callista, my sister-in-law thank you very much for the love you gave to my brother and you make his life very happy after he lost his first wife. Then Callista you will never walk alone, there will always be someone walking besides you,” said Mutharika at Bingu’s funeral.

He then told the gathering a story of footprints in which the lord promised a man that he will always walk besides him.

He continued telling the story that to the surprise of the man, when things were good, the lord was there but was at large when things went bad though he promised not to leave his lord.

“Then he asked, why do you abandon me when things gets tough. He replied by saying that when things gets tough I was not walking besides but I was carrying you,” said Mutharika.

The trending video has raised eyebrows considering the sour relationship between the president and Callista.
Callista a few months ago told Mutharika to retire after his first term and pave way for Vice President Saulos Chilima but Mutharika refused.

The former First Lady then joined forces with Chilima and others to form the United Transformation Movement (UTM).

At UTM rallies, Callista has been insulting Mutharika calling him Matchona (a derisory term for a person who stayed abroad for a long time).

Last weekend, Mutharika hit back saying Callista arrived late at the hospital on the day her late husband Bingu wa Mutharika collapsed hence she does not deserve respect.

“By 11am all the children and grandchildren had arrived at the hospital. Callista arrived at the hospital at 4:30pm. For six hours she was busy collecting materials from State House to her friend in Area 10 and that’s the truth, that’s the kind of woman she is.

“She is not a woman who deserves any kind of respect,” Mutharika said.



  1. Amwene a Chawinga iam agreed ndi fundo yanu mayiyu ndi oipa she just want to eat nao ndrama kwa achilima…and next time azapanganso zolankhura mopusa akadzasiyana ndi a Chilima….munthu wamzeru sangamanyoze mwamuna ai…let God judge…and Peter was working kunjako not kutchona umbuli uzimuyankhulitsa zambiri calista yu sanati..

  2. If she is calling APM mchona,who was her husband, to say the fact mayiyu ulemu alibe, chifukwa chake amanama zoti alamu akhalamba,iyeyo asatinamize timavutika NATO MBC yinali yake a Bingu Ali moyo.Mayi alibe ulemu uyu.

  3. Mtchona sali conversant ndi chikhalidwe ndi chilankhulidwe chathu. Munthu wotchona dzina lake ndi Mtchona.

  4. Wabalalaika nalo dziko first citizen. He is being ill-advised and the war continues as he first declared drawing of the Battle line. MBC ntchito ndi imeneyo anthu azimva mawu adzana from APM

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