MCP wants ‘thieving’ DPP out of power


The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has launched their own hashtag and ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will really not fancy it.

The DPP has been on the social media using the #Operation_ landslide tag ahead of the elections next year. They claim they will amass over half of the votes next year.

Mia says Malawians must vote for MCP

But opposition MCP has ignited their own. The tag presents the DPP’s endeavours as needing a normal reboot of a device.

The #OperationReboot2019­# has been started by MCP’s vice President Sidik Mia.

In his Facebook post, Mia urged Malawians to go register to vote in showing the nation wants to ‘take out thieves’.

According to Mia, the MCP has set aside transformative measures to the nation hence asking Malawians to vote for the party that once ruled Malawi for 31 years.

He wrote: “The message we delivered during the whole exercise was the same; encouraging people to go and register and assuring them that MCP is ready to lead our country to prosperity under the transformational leadership of our president, Dr Lazarus Chakwera.”

It adds: “We assure you that we will work around the clock until we get rid of these thieves next year. It’s just a matter of months now and our country will be healed from nepotism, cronyism, under-development, lack of employment among our youths and all the problems we are facing.”

“With Dr Lazarus Chakwera and MCP, a prosperous Malawi for all is possible and I assure you that Malawi government will no longer going to be a criminal enterprise. Dr Chakwera will clean up the mess,” the post reads.

Mia’s remarks come after the DPP failed to beat off a whooping K145 million dubious deal from government funds to its pockets.

The DPP announced days ago it is paying back the money after intense pressure from critics and the Civil Society.

DPP leader Peter Mutharika in his address to the nation however says he saw nothing ‘wrong’ in the deal.

The MCP reckons it has the DPP, newly formed United Transformation Movement ( UTM), People’s Party (PP) and a bandwagon of other parties to face next year.



  1. Tell him Mia, I heard him saying he is not gonna allow MCP to rule the Nation of Malawi then I was like Peter Munthalika now is god who can decide what Malawi citizens wants.? He should be ashamed of himself The Mighty God of our nation will not gonna watch us suffering like this all the time..Razaraus Chakwera is been chosen to save the nation from danger….no one can change it…………..Chakwera..Mia….Hurry and MCP boma 29019 and beyond

  2. That alone doesn’t sit well with most of us 31 years??? That’s not cool, it must wait another 31 years maybe, maybe people can consider it. Kkkkkkkk operation landslide singathekenso pano ayi cos the political landscape has completely changed.

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