Chilima failed to implement reforms – Dausi


…He kept asking for extensions

Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi says Vice President Saulos Chilima failed to reform the country’s civil service despite being given several extensions to implement the reforms.

In a statement released today, Dausi said the vice president was supposed to implement the civil service reforms within six months but failed to do so even when the timeframe was extended to eighteen months.

Dausi: Chilima failed

Chilima on Saturday launched the United Transformation Movement (UTM) in Lilongwe where he promised to reform the civil service.

But Dausi said Chilima mentioned the reforms because the reforms the vice president was tasked to implement have not worked.

“Although the Reforms Commission was intended to last for a limited duration but he ended up carrying on for eighteen months. The reforms were aimed to transform the economy and the manner of doing business however no significant impact has been made,” Dausi said.

Chilima chaired the Reforms Commission from 2014 but later President Peter Mutharika moved the commission to his office.

On Chilima’s promise to create one million jobs, Dausi expressed doubt if Chilima can create so many jobs in a short period of time and he also condemned the vice president for not giving the Mutharika administration ideas on job creation when he was in charge of reforms.

The information minister claimed that government is already creating jobs through hospitality industry, road construction projects and foreign direct investments.

Dausi then advised Malawians not to take Chilima and the UTM seriously saying they are promising the moon without revealing the means of getting there.



  1. A Dausi ndinu akulu koma ndinu opusa kwambili. Mukuona ngati mukuza ana anu nda kazanu zopusazo? Everything was just politicts and politics how could he deliver? Mukunya next year tabalankhulani panopa, otopa nanu tilipo ambili a pumbwa inu!

  2. Who should we take seriously then? Him Dausi, Mutharika and DPP? Dausi should agree that the current government has failed us… Give Chilima a space please… Since him (Dausi) was born has he ever experienced the blackouts we have seen in Mutharika’s time?

  3. Ayamba kunjenjera makosanawo
    I’m happy kut sopano avomereza kut mtsogoleri wawo walepheraso
    Tionana next year palibe zonyengererana MadAla team out!!

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