Egypt vows to continue supporting Malawi’s tourism sector

Emmanuel Fabiano

The Egyptian government through its Ambassador to Malawi has vowed to keep on supporting Malawi’s tourism sector.

Egypt’s ambassador to Malawi Maher El-Adawy reaffirmed his government’s commitment to continued cooperation with Malawi on Monday in Lilongwe when his country was celebrating its National Day.

Emmanuel Fabiano
Fabiano and Maher El-Adawy during the event

The ambassador said his country will keep bringing support in several departments including in the tourism industry which Egypt is well known for.

“I would like to assure that Egypt will continue to cooperate with the country in areas of health, trade, tourism, culture, training and others. I am grateful for the support that government gave me during my four year term,” he said.

Adawy whose term is coming to an end this year then thanked government for the support given to him during his four year term.

In his remarks at the same occasion, Malawi’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dr Emmanuel Fabiano said there are a lot of lessons that the country has learned from Egypt and that it is looking forward to continue with the cooperation.

“We have been in cooperation with Egypt since 1964 and for the past 54 years, the country has benefited a lot in areas of trade and investment, culture and tourism and capacity building.

“Egypt is a well-developed nation and did that with resources from within the nation. That is really a lesson worth emulating for Malawi since we also have the resources. What is needed is just to use them effectively so that we develop our country,” he explained.

Fabiano pointed out that Egypt has made progress in tourism development something which gives hope to Malawi that it can develop its tourism industry.

The Minister further thanked Egypt for collaborating with the country in training its human capital through different capacity building trainings offered to Malawians.