Chilima will be Malawi’s Macron – analyst

CChilima endorsed the demos

One of the country’s social commentators has said that Vice President Saulos Chilima has a high chance of winning the polls come May 21, 2019.

According to Onjezani Kenani, things will happen the same way as they happened in France where a man without political history Emmanuel Macron shockingly won the elections.

However, the analyst believes Chilima has the highest chance to carry the day after the polls.

Onjezani Kenani
Kenani: SKC could be the dark horse that ends up winning the race. 

“He (Chilima) is starting from zero, with no clearly identifiable power base, just like Emmanuel Macron. Can he win? Right now, I have the same intuition I had for Macron.

“Just like I told my friend three years ago, SKC, as he is popularly known, could very well be the dark horse that ends up winning the race. Maybe, or maybe not. Politics, after all, is not a game of absolutes. But at this moment, he seems to be shaking the current political foundations, just like Macron did two years ago,” said Kenani.

He however added that people should never underestimate the benefit of incumbency hence come next year President Arthur Peter Mutharika could very well emerge victorious again, despite all the bad press about the corruption in which he is personally embroiled.

Kenani said it could also be Dr Lazarus Chakwera of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) who has rock-solid support in his stronghold.

“And with the Sidik Mia coalition, he stands a good chance of harvesting a generous chunk of votes in the Lower Shire,” said Kenani.

On Chakwera, the commentator continued to say that the MCP leader is a good man and has done a lot in the last four years to stand up to the Mutharika administration though he has also come across as reactive rather than proactive.

He gave an example of the K4 billion issue which Chakwera supported in Parliament but later marched against the allocation in the streets.

The commentator also faulted Chilima for being part of the current government for four years saying he was supposed to resign way back in 2015, when it became clear that corruption was rampant.

“That’s where one gives a thumbs-up to former President Joyce Banda. Within less than six months of being Bingu wa Mutharika’s deputy, she took a stand and stood up to her oppressive boss.

“She endured being bullied and ostracized, but that did not matter. It was for that reason she gave hope to many by the time she took over in 2012, only to squander the goodwill at the speed of light by refusing to declare assets, selling the presidential jet in a secret manner, cashgate occurring on her watch, too much travel in office,” said the analyst.


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  1. Kenani you forgot that Chilima is surrounded by evil people who can cost him big time. Msangwi, Patricia Kaliati, Chief Ngolongoliwa, Kalista Muntharika?????? Oh my foot!!!! He shouldn’t be surprised when he loses unless he takes up decisive action. His ideas and his heart are good but these people mentioned above mmmmmm are a good paint for tarnishing his good moves. Remember how Kalista insulted poor Malawians can’t she do the same? We are tired of being shouted at by the Kaliatis too we are not their children. Yes his late coming out of DPP may cost him too coz the reason for leaving the DPP is either or. Am saying that bcoz if Muntharika said am not standing he could not have ditched the DPP even if it’s corrupt. So the reason to say “I have left DPP because of corruption ” is not entirely satisfying coz if so then he would really have ditched it some time back when the Chapondas pondad our maize.

    So the real reason as to why he ditched DPP is because he was not given a chance to stand if he was trust you me he would still be there. I stand with your ideas Mr VP but with the guys surrounding you I reserve my support until you go to convention so that these people can be sieved through.

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