MEC happy with voter registration turnout in Ntchisi

Malawi Electroral Commission

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has expressed satisfaction with the turnout in Ntchisi where 50,000 voters have been registered in six days.

Speaking in an interview, MEC Commissioner Bishop Mary Nkosi said it’s not a minor achievement for over 50,000 people to register within six days.

Malawi Electroral Commission
MEC satisfied with voter registration turnout in Ntchisi

“We started on a high note with highest three centres recording over 400 people and other centres were registering around 200 people. To date Ntchisi has registered over 50,000 people, this is so good and we are hoping not to be very far from the projected figure,” said Nkosi.

The commissioner expressed optimism that they will almost reach the projection of 133,000 in the district since there are still more 8 days to go in the second phase of the registration.
She disclosed that efforts are still being made to ensure that almost every eligible voter has been reached out to register within the remaining period.

“We continue to encourage chiefs, the civil society organisations, faith leaders and other stakeholders to constantly encourage the citizenry to go and register,” said the commissioner.

Commenting on the same, Ntchisi District Civic Education Officer Beston Chikafutwa said he is happy with the way people are registering.

He said 50,000 people in 6 days is a positive figure to be proud of as it represents 49 percent of the projection.

Chikafutwa was optimistic that during the 8 remaining days many people will also register considering that most of them were relaxing waiting to register during the last days of the registration.

“We have been lobbying these people to go and register now before it’s too late, we are reminding them that once the registration is over in the district, they will never have another chance to register,” said Chikafutwa.

He further said that civic education exercise is still going on in the district with the aim of reaching out those who were not sensitised.

Ntchisi district has four constituencies with 122 centres. At least 123,000 people are expected to register.