MPs anger CSOs on allowance adjustment

Robert Mkwezalamba
Mkwezalamba: The MPs must change their decision.

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have expressed dismay with Members of Parliament (MPs) for adjusting their sitting allowance.

The CSOs disclosed that the decision to adjust allowances from K60,000 to K80,000 is untimely considering the economy of Malawi.

Last week, MPs also approved to have the duty on vehicles they purchase removed, a decision the CSOs have described as “stealing from Malawians.”

The organizations say they will present a petition to Speaker of the National Assembly to ask him to ensure that the hike is not effected.

One of the CSOs, Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC), called on the MPs to reverse their decision and continue receiving old rates.

“What we want is that they should change that decision if they can or we are to tell them what they can do,” said HRCC executive director Robert Mkwezalamba.

He further faulted the MPs for forcing government through the ministry of finance to approve the new allowances by threatening to block the budget.
Mkwezalamba then warned the legislators that the decision of allowance adjustment has negative impact on the legislators ahead of the 2019 polls as Malawians are to judge them as being greedy.

2 thoughts on “MPs anger CSOs on allowance adjustment

  1. This is day light robbery… should be ashamed you foolish MP’s you only care about your pockets you have nothing to do for the poor who put you in office….You gonna pay the price…God is watching you watch out…!!!!

  2. Who the hell do you think you are to rob the poorest Malawians while the poor are paying the cat when purchasing their vehicles? You must go to hell with your attitude

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