Let them all come to me: thieves, robbers, murderers – Chilima Movement

Saulos Chilima

The Chilima Transformation Movement has said it will not stop people facing criminal charges from becoming front line members of the movement.

Spokesperson for the movement, Chidanti Malunga, described as fake news minutes circulating on social media that the movement has set out a committee to vet out senior members with criminal records or those that have cases to answer.

Saulos Chilima
Let the thieves, robbers, murderers come to me – Chilima’s Movement

“In this era of social media, anyone can do anything,” Malunga has been quoted as saying.

But according to the minutes, there are fears that senior members that have cases to answer will dent the image of the Chilima Transformation Movement when it evolves into a fully-fledged political party as well as the prospects of the vice president.

The movement, a DPP breakaway that is reminiscent of PPM and NDA that broke away from UDF when Bingu was handpicked as torchbearer and People’s Party in 2014 when Bingu handpicked his brother as heir, maintains the circulation as sabotage and work of DPP propaganda.

The movement is agitating for Vice President Saulos Chilima to stand in 2019 presidential elections.  But some of it founding members are facing charges of tax evasion and buying ‘hot-cars’ stolen in neighboring countries. However, the members claim they are being persecuted by the ruling party for supporting Chilima.

But renowned social and political commentator, Stanley Onjezani Kenani, has warned that the movement “risks losing credibility” when embraces people with poor record of accountability, suspected tax-dodgers and those associated with high level corruption.



  1. Give Chilima a chance. Ndale za pa ubale zatikwana.
    If Chilima will not be given a chance then MCP will redeem us. DPP yatikwana. Chipani cha zikwanje mu town….

  2. 90% of DPP government officials are crimals.. They all deserve hello in a cell.

  3. But sometimes there politicians they react like in the bad way without knowing what will happens tomorrow

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