Song review: Timudikire by provoice


The Afro reggae dancehall movement is getting real in Malawi with production of more music under this genre.

Lilongwe based artist Provoice lately released Timudikire off his impending Knock It 1966 album. The love song calls for an analysis in an effort to appreciate the artist`s strengths and weaknesses as exposed in the song.


Although people who were once victims of the situation presented in the song may not like it, it is a true reflection of reality. Sometimes people wait for their relationships to end so that they should be with those they like and love more.

Timudikire which means let us wait for him/her, present the unpopular side of love. In the song, the character is waiting for his lover to make a mistake then leave her for a woman he has been in touch with.

However, he admits being in love with his current lover, the reason as to why he cannot depart unceremoniously.

The song has been creatively delivered as a phone conversation. The only problem is that we do not get to hear the other voice in the conversation as it is only the man speaking. It would have sounded much better if the artist included a female voice at the beginning of the conversation to give it a more reality feel.

Instrumentation is just perfect for the assuring tone in the song. The other related side of it is its marriage to the pace of the singer as they perfectly tally to make the tune complete.

Voice pitch is perfectly low in line with the instrumentation and tone of the song. All in all, the song is fully baked. It is one of those songs for people who focus on the message. For this reason it gets 7/10 in terms of rating.