Malawi told to implement climate change policies

Malawi has been asked to put into action policies and plans aimed at dealing with effects of climate change before the issue of climate change becomes uncontrollable.

This was said on Thursday in Lilongwe during the closing ceremony of a three day workshop which attracted delegates from various countries.

Shakya: we want to see efforts on the ground.

Speaking after the workshop, Director of Climate Change at International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) Clare Shakya said it is important that the least developing countries formulated policies that will assist them to cope with climate change.

“We have seen that a lot of developing countries introduced policies which is very important, right now we are waiting to see their efforts on the ground starting from the community levels,” she said.

In his remarks, Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Mining Aggrey Masi said the workshop came at a time when the government is eager and ready to curb the issue of climate change.

Masi  explained that the conference which was attended by delegates from all over the world has been fruitful considering that Malawi has learnt several things that will  make the journey to adaptation to climate change fruitful.

Masi added that his ministry will focus on various ways such as civic education in order to deal with issues of climate change in the country.

About 200 delegates from all over the world gathered together at the workshop to share ideas on how they can address the issue of climate change.